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This is the introduction to our wines. An analytical introduction to describe a product that satisfies the palates of the greatest connoisseurs, highly prized wines that come from native vines grown in the Gambellara area, in the province of Vicenza. White, Rosé and Reserve are the result of years of product experience that grandfather Iseldo was able to convey to his children. Now let's drink!
Iseldo Ancestrale
The fermentation method is the ancestrale method. The yeast remains inside the bottle to the degustation time. The fermentation in the bottle is important for the conservation of the ancestrale wine sur lies during that time. Our Ancestrale Col Fondo is not filtered, not clarified and without sulphites added before the bottling. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is its natural preservative. The wines naturalness is confirmed by the chemical products’ equally to zero. The colour is a bright straw yellow cloudy colour with greenish reflections, thin and lasting perlage. On the nose fruity and floral notes, citrus fruits notes, yeast and crust of bread. Each vintage has its unique features and the time the wine is in the bottle is important for a fantastic result. The taste: intense in the mouth, moderate body, and perfectly balanced with a good acidity. The yeast is in the bottom of the bottle, it gives smoothness and longevity. For this reason, it is necessary to turn the bottle upside down and shake it before opening it. In this way the yeast spreads its aroma. The service temperature is 8 - 10°C. Perfect for an aperitif, also with fish, risotto and white meat. Excellent with ‘Baccalà all vicentina’. Let’s taste ISELDO, the Ancestrale Col Fondo ‘sur lie’, or ‘Vin Turbio’, the name that Nonno Iseldo used to say. The bottom intensifies the flavour, for this reason you have to taste it like he used to do and how he tought me. Now I have the honour to teach you how to drink it… So LET’S DRINK IT TURBID!
By the tradition of Ancestrale, Recioto col fondo. It is a white wine from Garganega grapes, sweet and fizzy, fermented in the bottle.
Alcohol content 12,50%, drink fresh with cakes, biscuits etc. , excellent with Pandoro and with the typical Brasadelo of Gambellara.
Lieta rosè
Lieta Rosè is a sparkling rosè wine fermented in the bottle. Produced with native grapes of Garganega and Durella. Alcohol content 11.5%.
Of floral and fruity notes, it is a wine that in the mouth it is lively and perfectly balanced by good acidity.
Riserva di Iseldo
Behind a great wine there is always a great story. About 10 years ago we changed the bottle of the red reserve wine. From a TRADITIONAL BOTTLE to a BAROS HEAVY BOTTLE. At the end of the bottling about 400 litres of wine were left and bottled in the old one bottle. Then the bottles were hidden. To celebrate the nintieth birthday of Grandmother and Mother Lieta with a superior red reserve. The perfect occasion to drink the hidden and rediscovered red wine.
Drink responsibly.

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