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Iseldo is our wine Ancestrale Col Fondo. Iseldo is tradition. Produced from Garganega and Durella grapes in Gambellara’s volcanic hills. Iseldo tells a long story of the person who produced this wine in 1958. This is a memorial wine because Iseldo, the Ancestrale Col Fondo, is about Iseldo, a businessman that became an important personality.  To remember this person we decided to produce this wine again.  The grapes are picked up in cases, cooled and softly pressed. After the fermentation, the basic wine rests and ripens sur lies from the Holy Week of the following year. As a tradition, during the Easter Moon, the bottling is by hand. The wine has the crown cork, the same bottle cap that Nonno Iseldo used. The method is called ‘ancestrale’. It means that to create a soft pressure in the bottle one used a few residual sugars from the first fermentation.
Drink responsibly.

Via Cavour, 26 Gambellara Vicenza, Italy
P. IVA 00458624598 • C.C.I.A.A. Vicenza 125489

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